Our Team

NeighborWorks Capital’s greatest asset is its people. Our staff, board of directors, and committee members who are firmly committed to our mission. They have decades of experience in affordable housing development and community development finance - both locally and nationally. Every member of the team is personally committed to meeting the financing needs of the NeighborWorks network to support safe, affordable housing in diverse communities.

Jim Ferris

Jim Ferris

Chief Executive Officer
240-821-1651 EXT 202
Stephen Peelor

Steve Peelor

Chief Lending Officer

Beth O'Leary

Chief Portfolio Officer
240-821-1651 EXT 209
Dana Moore

Dana Moore

Chief Financial Officer
240-821-1651 EXT 203
Lanie Wasserman 1

Lanie Wasserman

Senior Loan Officer

Mike Haas

Senior Loan Officer

Maya Dickens

Loan Closing Manager
240-821-1651 EXT 218
Carly web 1

Carly Driggs

Underwriting Analyst
240-821-1651 EXT 219
Portfolio Management TEAM
Adam Coile

Adam Coile

Director, Portfolio Management
240-821-1651 EXT 205

Tiana Coll

Senior Portfolio Analyst
240-821-1651 EXT 208

Haaris Alvi

Business Analyst
240-821-1651 EXT 302
Finance & Administration TEAM
Brent Bozman

Brent Bozman

Mieva Herberst

Mieva Herbert

Rachel Silva

Marketing & Communications Manager